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In the home furnishings industry, successful manufacturers must develop a corporate strategy that works on several levels. At Overman International we’ve done exactly that.We use revolutionary technology to produce upholstered furniture. Our unique, Expandable PolyStyrene (EPS) frames are very light weight and stronger than conventional wood frames. An EPS frame is incredibly durable due to its one-piece construction and there are no screws, nuts, bolts, dowels or glue joints that can fail. In fact, we are so confident in our product that we offer a 25 year warranty on each frame.

We all know that today’s consumer is seeking value. A key benefit of our technology is that it is inexpensive. The reduced labor and materials costs are passed on to you. And you save on shipping since lighter furniture is less expensive to transport.

Overman’s selection of sofas, loveseats, sleepers, chairs and ottomans are proudly made in the USA. Partner with us and you can offer your customers durable, attractive furniture at very competitive prices.

For more information about our company and our product, contact Sales at:
Phone: 865-397-1173

Why Choose Overman International?
• Long term success – Originally started as Klote International in 1977 and now known as Overman International, we’ve been in business for 34 years.
• We offer extremely competitive price points.
• Our light weight furniture reduces transportation costs.
• Because our manufacturing process is less costly and time consuming, more pieces can be produced in less time reducing overall product costs.
• A selection of stylish sofas, loveseats, sleepers, chairs and ottomans
• Made in the USA

The Advantages of an EPS Frame
• Durable and light weight.
• Never warps or cracks.
• More durable than traditional wooden frames (less customer returns and complaints about broken/damaged furniture).
• Can be molded to virtually any silhouette imaginable.
• Ergonomically contoured for proper posture and comfort.
• 25 year limited warranty.