Q:    Where can I find a manufacturer suggested retail price for the furniture I am interested in?
A:    Overman does not establish a “Manufacturer’s suggested retail price”. Individual retailers establish their own prices.

Q:    How can I check on product availability or fabric availability? Also, how can I determine if a particular fabric or color is available on a specific style of furniture?
A:    Contact your local Overman retailer. They should be able to help with product availability questions.

Q:    How can I find out the dimensions of the furniture I am interested in?
A:    Check our web site under that particular style number. If the style is not listed on our web site, contact your local retailer. They have product information readily available.

Q:    Where can I locate a particular style of furniture so I can “test rest” the piece before purchasing?
A:    Click on the “Find A Retailer” link on this site and find the Overman retailers in your area. Call them and ask if they carry the style and color that you are looking for. Please keep in mind not all retailers carry a full line of our products.

Q:    I cannot find a store that sells Overman in my area. I put in my ZIP code on your web site retailer locator and found nothing. Now what?
A:    Try entering a ZIP code near you other than your own.

Q:    What is the warranty on Overman products, fabric, and related parts?
A:    Our warranty is posted on the web site under the Customer Service section.

Q:    Where can I send a concern or a complaint about my furniture?
A:    Please work with your local Overman retailer regarding any concerns or complaints regarding your purchase.

Q:    I know to contact my local Overman retailer for product under warranty. Who do I contact if I have a problem with my furniture after my warranty expires?
A:    Replacement parts may be available should you experience a non-warranty issue.  Contact information can be located under the Customer Service section.

Q:    Where can I get my furniture repaired?
A:    Visit www.mapquest.com and click on “Yellow Pages” and search for “furniture repair”. This will provide you with a list of all repair centers within a radius of your zip code.

Q. The furniture I ordered arrived with damage. What should I do next?
A:    Contact the local retailer where you purchased the furniture. They will provide assistance and instructions. Please do not contact the Overman factory directly, as the factory will direct you back to your retailer.

Q:    Who should I contact with concerns or questions about myOverman furniture?
A:    You first need to contact your local retailer to answer your concerns.

Q:    I can’t find a phone number to contact customer service. Do you have one?
A:    We do not publish a customer service number on our web site. All service issues are handled by the local Overman retailer where you purchased your furniture.

Q:    If I give you my name and contact information by completing forms on this web site, how do I know that you will not sell my contact information to other companies?
A:    We do not sell your contact information to other companies. We only ask for this information to determine which retailer are in your area. We also ask for your contact information in case we need to reply to your questions by phone.

Q:    How can I see or order fabric samples? Wood finishes samples?
A:    Your local retailer should have fabric swatches available for the use by consumers. Samples of wood finishes may or not be available depending on product.

Q:    Is the furniture on the web site available in other fabrics and leathers or in other colors?
A:    Upholstered furniture (sofas, loveseats, and chairs) may be available in different covers and colors. Contact your local retailer for more information. Bedroom suites are not available in any finish other than those shown on the web site.

Q: Can I order additional pillows for my sofa?
A:    Unfortunately we are not able to offer additional or replacement pillows for our products.

Q: Does Overman sell slipcovers?
A:    We do not manufacture or provide sources for slipcovers for our furniture.

Q: Can I supply my own fabric when ordering upholstered furniture?
A:    No, we are not able to manufacture furniture using the customer’s own fabric.

Q:    Why are there no prices shown on your web site?
A:    Ours is a manufacturer’s web site designed to showcase our furniture products. Prices are not shown on this site because our retailer are independently owned and operated. To obtain pricing please visit or call your nearest retailer.

Q:    How can I find out which stores carry a specific item?
A:    Retailer that carry Overman products are independently owned and operated. We do not have information regarding which stores carry specific styles and colors.

Q:    Can I get a Overman catalog?
A:    Unfortunately, we do not have catalogs or brochures that can be sent directly to consumers.

Q:    How can I get a refund or exchange my furniture?
A:    Retailer that carry Overman products are independently owned and operated. Each store sets their own policies regarding returns and exchanges. Please contact the store where you purchased your furniture.

Q:    Can I buy factory direct?
A:    Unfortunately, we do not sell directly to the general public.

Q:    Do you take custom orders?
A:    Due to the large quantity of furniture we produce, we do not take custom orders. However, we do have a variety of styles in our product line. To find a style that will complement your home, you should visit a local retailer.

Q:    Is everything Overman makes shown on the website?
A:    Our website is designed to showcase our entire product line. Every effort is made to keep the site up to date with current styles. Occasionally there may be a new style or finish not pictured on our site. However new styles are added as quickly as possible.

Q:    How can I apply for a job at Overman International?
A:    Please contact our Human Resources department at employment@kloteinternational.com

Q:    I need assembly instructions for my furniture. Where can I get them?
A:    If the item(s) you purchased require assembly, detailed instructions should have been included in the carton. If they were missing or you have misplaced them, please contact the store where you purchased the product.